An Unexpected Solution To The Amazon's Extraction Economy

By Tay Lotte, Founder of Ravle



I’ve recently returned from the Ecuadorian Amazon where Ravle's team spent a week with the Achuar Indigenous Nation documenting their eco-tourism project, Kapawi Eco-Lodge. This trip changed my life and I am excited to continue to work with Pachamama Allianceand the Achuar Indigenous Nation in their quest for sustainability.

Since my return, numerous people have asked if I’d heard anything about the fires while I was down there. Thankfully we weren’t in the affected areas, but yes, of course the Achuar people are very concerned about fires linked to deforestation and they have been working with Pachamama Alliance and other non-profit organizations on a solution.


Our topics of discussion weren’t just about the fires, they were about the practice of destroying the forest for oil, agriculture and mining development and how we can transition the Amazon from an extraction economy to a preservation economy. A key solution to that transition is eco-tourism.


An eco-tourism project like Kapawi Ecolodge can help these indigenous communities create a sustainable economic replacement for extraction development. But they need our help to do so, tourism is not just the front door to economic development, it is the front door to a sustainable future for the Achuar Indigenous Nation and this door is open to all of you.


If you are interested in a purposeful journey to the most ecologically and culturally diverse region in the world, I encourage you to look into Pachamama Alliance Journeys or reachout to me at to learn more.

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