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In 2012, Michael Bennett, Ed.D., conducted his doctoral research on Transformational Travel at Pepperdine University, “An Exploration of Transformational Learning in Adults as a Result of Adventure Travel Experiences.” Four years later, he and other industry thought leaders presented the results and subsequent definition and framework at the 2016 Adventure Travel World Summit in Anchorage, Alaska. Since then, Michael Bennett, Jake Haupert, and fellow ‘Founding Heroes' have pioneered and grown this movement, attracting media coverage in Forbes, Vogue, USA Today, Travel Age West, Afar, The Huffington Post, and Skift's recent study on luxury travel, “Building Brand Love and Loyalty.” Jake and Michael now speak on the topic of Transformational Travel worldwide. Below, you will find the latest stories and articles about Transformational Travel and the TTC!

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The Washington Post

‘Transformative travel’ is the industry’s latest twist on making vacations more meaningful.



TTC is featured in this article about how to go beyond experiential travel to transformational travel.

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Spirituality & Health

This 2018 Guide to Retreats published by Spirituality & Health Magazine dives into what TT is all about and features an in-depth interview with TTC co-Founder Michael Bennett.


Natural Awakenings

An open-hearted journey can take unexpected paths. More travelers today are searching for deep and lasting changes in their view of themselves and the world.

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Muddy Shoe Adventures was mentioned in the Jan/Feb 2016 issue of AFAR Magazine in 'Fix-Your-Life Vacations.'

The Atlantic

“Foreign experiences increase both cognitive flexibility and depth and integrativeness of thought, the ability to make deep connections between disparate forms…”

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There’s an increasing amount of buzz about 'transformational travel.' Everett Potter spotlights this key shift in travel in his interview with Jake Haupert.


TravelAge West

Research from East Carolina University, Outside Magazine, and ATTA shows that personal growth is the top motivator for adventurers today.


Adventure Travel News

TTC Co-founder Jake Haupert talks about what it means to 'Travel Like a HERO' and how travel industry has the potential to transform lives AND change the world!

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The Transformed Traveler

Jake Haupert of Evergreen Escapes shares his thoughts on TT on Transformed Traveler Radio.


Air Canada

Can Travel Transform Who You Are? We Head to Tasmania to Find Out.

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Guyana Becomes First Country to Join the TCC

The GTA has announced that it has become the first country to join the transformational travel movement through a pioneering partnership…

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The Transformational Travel Council is featured in article by Vogue Magazine titled 'Why Transformative Travel Will Be THE Travel Trend of 2017.'

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TravelAge West

Transformational travel is trending -- here's how to create trips that change lives.

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USA Today

At a time when nationalism and intolerance pervade headlines, Jake Haupert & Michael Bennett have never believed more in the transformative power of travel.

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Everett Potter's Travel Report

TTC's Michael Bennett is interviewed by Everett Potter about Transformational Travel.


Adventure Travel News

Part I: Research conducted by the Adventure Travel Trade Association reveals that adventure travelers are motivated by transformation.

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Adventure Travel to Feed Your Beast, Beingness, and Brotherhood

Jake Haupert is our guest today, and he’s here to talk about how you can use adventure travel and journeys that challenge you mentally and physically…


The Huffington Post

TTC's resident award-winning travel writer Don Mankin, Ph.D., shares a personal story about a trip to Bangkok changed his life.



TTC Advisor and Communications guru Norie Quintos explores the transformational travel movement from various angles within the travel industry.

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The Huffington Post

TTC's Don Mankin explores the historical bases of TT and discusses where TT is headed in this Huffington Post article.


Adventure Travel News

Part II: Applications and trend predictions based on adventure traveler research conducted by the Adventure Travel Trade Association.

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The Traveler's Mindset

TTC's Michael Bennett joins Ginger Kern of The Traveler's Mindset to talk about The Hero's Journey, the transformational power of travel, and getting hit by cars.

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Would You Let Strangers Send You Anywhere in the World?

Local travel company Explorer X will build a custom mystery trip—one designed to transform your life.

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