Called by a Vision

By Llyn Roberts, Founder of Olympic Mountain EarthWisdom Circle


I lived in India for almost a year when I was 25, in the early 80’s. As I lived with Indian families and worked with Indian children, I was not a ‘tourist’.  

This intimate experience in a culture vastly different from my own, changed me. Yet, it wasn’t until almost 15 years later, that I was called to travel back to ancient lands of people who lived simply and close to the Earth.  


Following some health challenges, I was drawn to shamanism for its healing powers. Soon, I began assisting workshops with a man who led transformational trips to work with indigenous people. When he spoke of the Quechua, I knew I had to meet them. Trained as a psychotherapist and always a nature-lover I wanted to experience firsthand how they healed by connecting people with nature - ancient volcanoes, sacred springs as well as with the spiritual forces of flowers, plants and stones, which are rubbed directly onto the skin.  

This was all so compelling to me. But, I was afraid to go to South America. And, I didn’t have the money to go. My travels would have to wait.  

During this time, my husband, young children and I were living on a small mountain in the Northeast, USA. One day when I lay down for a nap, I had a crystal-clear vision. In front of me stood a small indigenous man. He had beautiful dark skin and shining eyes. A long braid of black hair flowed down his back. The man wore a dark blue poncho and a black, brimmed hat. The young man said to me: 

I’d like you to meet my father, who is a shaman. 

An older man appeared. The father looked very much like his son, only with weathered face and shades of gray through his long braid. He was dressed the same as the younger man. The man looked intently at me; his eyes shone, as if a source of light lay behind them. Then I saw that he held a glowing ball of light in his left palm. He raised the orb to my heart and said: 

I have a gift for you. 

Before I could utter a word, he plunged the ball of light into my heart.  

I came to, sobbing. I knew I needed to go to Ecuador and I was no longer afraid. 

Within a week of this vision, I got a call from the man whose shamanic workshops I was assisting. He said: 

 Llyn, I have a trip in 10 days and my assistant backed out. Can you come to help? 

How could I say anything but yes?! 

I flew into Quito, met up with the group and supported a life-changing adventure in the high Andes, then traveling by bus, then plane into a remote part of the Amazon basin to work with the Shuar people.  

On the final leg of the journey we traveled back into the Andes. I stepped onto the dirt floor of the house of the last group we were to visit. We all had to be careful where we stepped, as we had to walk through where the cows bedded down before we got into the healing space, which was dark. I looked toward the far right, to the only source of light in the room. Candles glowed from a large table covered with large and small stones. Behind the table stood two men – the father and son of my vision. Dressed in white long-sleeved shirts and white pants, their long black braids flowed down their backs. They put on dark blue ponchos and black brimmed hats when we all walked outside together later that evening. 

My life has never been the same since this trip. I’ve learned to follow my visions and the calling of nature – the land and the spirits. It’s been an amazing adventure spanning 21 years now. It only gets richer. 


kelsey bumsted