Inspiring Transformation From Discovering your own

By Zark Fatah, Founder of The Alive Experience



Zark is a serial entrepreneur who has created over a dozen businesses in the entertainment and hospitality industry during the past 15 years. He is also a published photographer, an active philanthropist and a former fitness competitor.  

 He’s been highly successful in creating dynamic events and venues to entertain people during his 25 year career. His 40th birthday was a major turning point in his life when he realized that he wanted to be more than a successful entrepreneur. Zark is committed to being a successful human living a well balanced life and being in service to others. He’s been on a journey of self-discovery and self-development and with all that he has learnt, he’s creating businesses that have a higher purpose and a very positive impact. 

 His career path is now headed in a new direction and he’s creating experiences to educate, inspire and empower people to live a fulfilled life. He’s combining his expertise in events and marketing with his passion for travel and self-development to bring like minded people together for the ALIVE Experience.  

 With the ALIVE Experience he is utilizing the most memorable moments from visiting 45+ countries and combining these with an intentional program to create truly unique transformational travel experiences for his guests. 

 This new path is one that he is very excited to pursue and truly believes that is his true calling and higher purpose. To learn more about Zark you can visit and on Instagram at @zarkfatah 


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