Rock N Yogi: a Fully Immersive Experience

By Natalie, Founder of Rock N Yogi


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Both of us are avid travellers, we have both spent a lot of time travelling and really immersing ourselves in different places and destinations. We feel very lucky to be blessed with an awareness that allows us to really see and enjoy everything from the small things to the big. For us travel is about the experiences and the journey. As a result a lot of our travel incorporates road trips, long bus journeys and anything that immerses us completely within the place we are in. This does not have to be exotic places but anywhere where we can appreciate nature. Fortunately we both have a passion for healthy living and the outdoors and love to do anything that takes us exploring from scuba diving, hiking, rock climbing to kayaking we are keen to get involved and see those places that not everyone gets to see. If there is a mountain we want to climb it, if there is an ocean we want to be on or under it, if there is a river we want to flow with it. We are so happy to have been able to start our own small business that will allow us to create and share experiences with others and take them on the journey with us. This is just the beginning.

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