The ALIVE Experience

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This is a transformational travel experience that offers the elements of wellness, adventure, self-development, and connection in some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. 

 It is not the typical retreat, and it is more than an all-inclusive vacation. The ALIVE Experience is a curated a week of workshops, activities and excursions to inspire and empower you to create a profound shift in the areas of life that are important to you; happiness, health, fulfillment, relationships and purpose. 

 Our immersive program includes; insightful workshops by highly trained coaches sharing their knowledge and valuable life lessons, a wellness program that includes yoga classes, meditation sessions, group workouts and healthy organic meals. During our trip you will also enjoy exciting adventurous activities to push your boundaries and excursions to experience the local landmarks and culture. 

 Our trips range from 5 - 10 days in length and include all meals, accommodations, local transports, activities, workshops and excursions. 

 Whatever aspect of your life you are looking to elevate, this is your opportunity to create that transformation. You will reconnect with yourself and discover what you truly want to create for your life. We promise that you will develop new friendships and share life-changing moments together. You will also learn the tools to discover your purpose and get clear on how to pursue your true passion. Our goal is that you return home happier, healthier, inspired and truly ALIVE!