The Colombian Project

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The Colombian Project is at the vanguard of travel in Colombia, excelling in various specialist niches delivering experiences which truly perceive the hidden pulse of a wonderful country, its human and biological diversity, stunning geography and marvellous exuberance.

We work across a range of tour interests - whether your focus and desires be around a multi-sport exploration of its mountains, valleys and coastlines, a fully-supported Andean back-country trek, an expert-led historical and archaeological tour, a wildlife adventure into Colombia's most remote jungles and landscapes or even a strenuous cycling journey across 3 vast Andean ranges, we have the capability of combining our expertise into creating experiences that will test your perception of the world and of yourself, in settings and contexts that defy belief.

Our minuscule attention to detail belies our high-end focus, where we ensure that all the travel basics are well taken care of, allowing you to concentrate on exploring Colombia with quality interpretation, comfort and safety along the way. Our experiences facilitate transformation and healing through Colombia's people, nature, landscapes and history.