Say Hueque Argentina Journeys

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Since 1999, Say Hueque Argentina & Chile Journeys specializes in providing customized travel experiences with a special focus on nature and local culture, and we have been recognized as the #1 recommended travel company for Argentina and Chile. 

We are a team-oriented group of individuals that includes explorers of Patagonia, lovers of Atacama’s starry skies, admirers of Iguazu Falls’ breathtaking power, enthusiasts of Mendoza, and locals of Buenos Aires. 

For us, traveling is about something more than just visiting a new place. We are strong believers that, when we travel, we have a uniquely permeable mindset that allows us to be truly moved and changed. That change allows us to realize the importance of nature, local people and, ultimately, becoming in touch with our inner selves. It is our belief that the combination of a curious traveler and people who are passionate about a destination can result in a much more meaningful experience than the one we might usually expect.

Magic happens in the encounter between these two energies, as the receptive soul of a traveler and the hospitable soul of a proud host converge. In that encounter, an infinite path of discovery opens, and we aim to enhance that path using  TEEM - the Traveler Experience Extra Mile Project-, our very own program focused on diving deeper into the transcendental exchange of traveling. We are proud to announce that the TEEM project is celebrating its 5th anniversary within our company.

From this perspective, we work professionally and methodically to make personal travel experiences something extraordinary. We are not just service suppliers, but rather, we are responsible for a holistic travel experience; this trip is a defining part of a person’s life, a life that can be changed by an eye-opening encounter with a different culture, or an outstandingly beautiful landscape, or the sincere desire of a local to concentrate the identity of their country into an itinerary. Being adventurous during a journey to South America simply requires the courage to step out of one’s comfort zone. Traveling is about taking your time, breathing easy, and allowing yourself to expand into a new, globalized perspective.