RARE India

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RARE India is a collection of some of the finest experiential hotels, family run homestays, wildlife lodges, retreats, heritage forts and palaces – all of this conceptualised as conscious luxury. An idea that reflects the DNA of the community as well as the current need for sustainable tourism in an increasingly hyper consumerist world. Our community is an inclusive list of experiential hotels and hospitality concepts with a quality and style quotient that appeal to the world traveller. They believe in working with the community while being personal and high on service. Often set away from the repetitive and regular routes, our hotels aspire to tread softly on the land they are set in and preserve the innocence of the destination. In short, you have a ‘RARE’ collection of hotels and concepts that offer the perfect immersive experience to the evolved traveller. Currently we are a group of 50 of the finest experiential brands in India, Nepal and Bhutan.

RARE India for conscious luxury travel   : A vacation in its true sense is a luxury but cannot be experienced without burning fossil fuels and some amount of social, economic and environmental impact. However given the positive side of tourism and hospitality, especially with concepts that are a part of the RARE Community, we believe every vacation has the potential of being a conscious choice and a transformative experience to mitigate carbon footprints. Every RARE hotel is committed to the community around and is conscious of the impact of tourism and hospitality. Conservation of heritage and nature, no-motor activities, community engagement and positive impact on their livelihood, intangible cultural heritage highlights and transformations, sensitive land and resource use, authentic experiences etc. are a few reasons to promote the hotels and experiences of our community. WE believe this is conscious  luxury which is  earth-friendly and a potential blue print for change! In the coming months as we work on several initiatives, our commitment towards Conscious Luxury will be highlighted through the concepts and initiatives of the community very visible in their narratives.

The RARE Showcase 2020 : The showcase is the annual coming together of all the hotels of the community. Scheduled for April 17th and 18th at The Imperial, New Delhi ; our plan is to celebrate the power of sustainability and how this is set to transform the travel landscape in the coming years.