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Bhutan Spicy Shangri-La

BHUTAN SPICY SHANGRI-LA is a social tour enterprise based in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan. It was born out of the need to find a sustainable funding scheme to build and maintain children’s parks in urban areas across Bhutan. Proceeds from each tour booking that we get support our Bhutan Park Project. We also work significantly with the rural communities of Bhutan by creating opportunities for our farmers to participate in the country’s growing tourism industry.

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Living Octave: SANGHA Retreat

An innovative, fully-immersive health and wellness retreat, SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute is the vision of Fred, a shipping magnate and fourth-generation leader of a family business, whose book Quantum Leadership: New Consciousness in Business shows how leaders can flourish by changing their consciousness to better serve business as well as humankind.

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Tokyo Way

Our full-service agency offers you access to Japan’s most special people, places and experiences. All tours fully customized to create a journey that resonates deeply. Run by an American expert Japan resident, with a strong local team. 

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