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If you're interested in becoming a HERO and/or supporting the Transformational Travel movement, there are several ways to do so:


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Join the Virtual Conversation!

Our monthly online gatherings are a great way to connect with others on this journey and to explore the themes of transformational travel in a casual yet intentional setting. We call them our 'Virtual Tea Parties' - so make yourself a cup of something delicious and dial in to join share your voice and stories. 

May 26th, 5-6 pm PST
June 23nd, 5-6 pm PST
July 28th, 5-6 pm PST
August 25th, 5-6 pm PST
September 29th, 5-6 pm PST
October 27th, 5-6 pm PST
November 24rd, 5-6 pm PST
December 29th, 5-6 pm PST

Chloe Lauer, Course Instructor

Chloe Lauer, Course Instructor

Go Deeper with our premier Transformational Travel program - an online course

Are you ready to dive in and take the next steps on this mysterious path of discovery of self and the world? Perhaps you’re ready to step out of the safety of ‘cubicle life’ and trust your inner brilliance. You have what it takes to take the leap into a life of deep fulfillment, soul freedom, and inner confidence. And you’re curious how travel can propel you on this journey.

You want a community of curious, open, empowered people to share your adventures with, and you would like some expert guidance on the emotional, spiritual, and practical aspects of designing and booking your dream travels. Instead of 'someday, one-day' wishing, bring your ideal life into reality with this 8-week online program -- it's the catalyst that will ignite you into action and give you self-trust to live fully, feel ALIVE, and express yourself in the world.


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If you connect to transformational travel concepts on deep level, your partnership and/or contributions will help us amplify our message, support others in becoming HEROs, and change the world! (Click the button below to let us know!)


One-on-one Transformational Travel Coaching

TTC offers pre- and post-trip coaching for travelers like you who want to use their adventures as catalysts for creating meaningful and lasting changes in their lives. You'll work one-on-one with an experienced TTC-approved coach before you leave to help you prepare mentally, emotionally, and even physically for your trip. During your adventure, you'll check in with your coach for some impromptu support and to share you successes. After your trip, your coach will help you process and learn from your incredible experiences, and will support you in putting together an action plan for transforming your life ... and the world :)