The HERO’s Journal:
A Seeker’s Guide to Travel

The Transformational Travel Guide + Journal

As you set out on your adventures, what better way to chronicle your experiences than with The Transformational Travel Guide + Journal! More than just a typical travelogue, The Transformational Travel Guide + Journal is a tool for transformation. As you travel, you will be challenged by carefully selected activities, questions, quotes, and prompts that will help guide you as you reflect on the experiences you are having and support you in using these experiences to create a more intentional, conscious, meaningful, and purpose-driven life.

Any journal is an adventure unto itself: Rich with opportunity and fraught with obstacles, its pages stare at you, ready for you to leave your mark. It can take on an infinite number of shapes and sizes, and it is completely unique to you. Used with courage and vulnerability, a journal can help you embrace the full spectrum of human emotion. It is a personal tale of discovery and disappointment, adventure and exploration, trials and transformations. And, like your adventure, this Journal may save its greatest gifts for your return. So be bold. Overcome the obstacles in your path. Slay your dragons. And collect your prize.


Go on Your Transformational Journey!

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