How Travel Introduced me to a whole new life of Self-reflection & Development

By Enock Nsubuga, Founder of Tatta Travels


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I have been part of a travel club in Uganda for three years now. A group of dreamers like me before transformational travel.  

 In here I realized that most of us had dreams to go somewhere for a change from our daily routine and work schedules. While almost everyone seemed to have their bucket list and knew exactly when they wanted to go, I couldn’t! 

Yes I had my bucket list and that was just it! I didn’t really know when I would get there, life was moving quite slowly for me and I was looking for change, but I also wanted more in life, I was looking for purpose.  

Not that I hadn’t travelled before, I was actually part of history when the World Cup came to Africa in 2010. I travelled 10 hours to be there and I endured one of the worst winters in South Africa. Back home, I was used to our two seasons, it’s always spring in Uganda, and it’s either wet or dry.  

More to this; I used to travel to visit my siblings who are scattered all over the globe.  

Then in 2017, I took a trip to Sandton, Africa’s richest square mile in South Africa to attend a motivational Seminar, to my surprise it wasn’t the normal kind of work training, it was personal development. The kind where every speaker inspires you to make yourself better and dream more… 

That is where my transformational story started. After this mind boosting trip, I made a decision to break the traditional African way of travel; visiting relatives. Yes, most of us only go to places where we know people.  

Now I realized I could just take a trip to learn something new, to meet my role models and to unlearn certain things. 

With travel it’s never too late to learn new skills and develop yourself. With every place you visit, you will be inspired by the culture and way of life. 

This experience inspired the birth of Tatta Travels, (The Antidote Transformational Travel Agency), a travel agency I started in Uganda to help people travel with purpose.  

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