Fueled by a Dream & Passion for Cycling

By Lauren Heffron, founder of Ciclismo Classico


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It seems like yesterday that I was a happy-go-lucky anthropology student at Cornell riding around the Finger Lakes and teaching bicycle instruction to wide-eyed freshman. After graduation, it seemed natural that I would expand my pedaling horizons to Europe, seek out my Italian roots in Le Marche. My motivation was simple and has remained true: to serendipitously follow my curiosity and connect with gorgeous landscapes new cultures, history, and my family’s roots. I will never forget landing in Pisa with only my bike and panniers, climbing my first long Tuscan hill and then descending into what felt like I was diving into a Renaissance painting, leaving one world and entering into another story book chapter of my life. Simply and profoundly transforming

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Three months, five countries and two thousand miles later I spun back to Italy where I I fell in love with a landscape, culture and its dreamy roads and passionate pedalers. After a few rides in Tuscany, I knew that my life would revolve around bicycling and Italy forever. I joined Mario Conti’s Florentine Bike Club Il Chi C’e C’e (Whoever is Here, is Here) and over the next three years explored all over the world's most beloved boot by bike.

Fueled as a dream of sharing my passion for Italy, cycling, travel and cross-cultural exchange (putting my degree to use!), I founded Ciclismo Classico as the first woman-owned company to specialize in Italian bicycle tours. 

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