A Myraid of Journeys

By Naghmeh Manshadi, founder of NAMO Journeys



My name is Naghmeh Manshadi and I am the Chief Adventuring Officer of NAMO Journey. Needless to say, I’m passionate about journeys, but particularly the kind of journey where you travel both into the world and into yourself simultaneously.  

I used to work in the corporate world — first in London, then in Dubai. About ten years ago I made a decision to start traveling for six months of the year. As I started traveling, I found that I didn’t just discover the world; I discovered myself.  

As I went on these journeys — from climbing to Base Camp Everest to staying in ashrams — I realized how little access I’d had to personal development and wellbeing as someone working in the corporate world. A holistic lifestyle is simply not part of the corporate world. At least not in Dubai.  

As I sailed, climbed and hiked around the world, I got to know a completely different side of myself and a completely different side of life. Eventually, I realized I wanted to bring that same experience to others, particularly busy executives who wouldn’t otherwise even think to stop and smell the flowers.  

My transformational travel experience wasn’t one journey that shifted my perspective over night, but a myriad of journeys criss-crossing the globe, that eventually led me to where I am today. Today I am someone focused on living a holistic life where every day is a journey. And I want to share that journey with other people; enabling them to experience the miraculous transformational power of traveling the way I have.  

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