Bhutan Spicy Shangri-La

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Bhutan Spicy Shangri-La is a social travel enterprise dedicated to enriching the lives of modern-day travelers with a fulfilling and transformational journey into the kingdom of Bhutan. We believe that tourism is not just a cultural exchange but a great way of creating a sustainable positive social impact.

Proceeds from every trip bought goes to supporting our Bhutan Park Project, which builds and maintains children’s parks in urban areas across the kingdom. We also work significantly with the rural communities creating opportunities for farmers to participate in the kingdom’s growing tourism industry. By booking your trip with us, and with no extra charge to you, you not only visit Bhutan but also contribute to improving the lives of its citizens.

Bhutan is about the size of Switzerland nestled in the folds of the great Himalayas between China and India. Many travelers say it’s one of the best things about Asia. Never colonized or conquered, Bhutan is a spectacular blend of the mystical, rugged landscape, centuries-old architecture, pulsating culture, and one of the most proud yet friendly locals you’ll ever come across.

Find out what lights up the faces of the residents of Bhutan, the only country in the world that measures its wellbeing in GNH- Gross National Happiness. Hike to medieval fortresses on hilltops, walk through rural communities unchanged by time, discover unique artistic traditions, and amid the soaring peaks and cultural delights of this ancient place, discover your own capacity for happiness.

Bhutan Spicy Shangri-La believes that we provide travelers with a deeply meaningful and transformative window into a way of life that is inherently balanced, sane and compassionate. We proudly continue to share our rich Bhutanese heritage with respect, sensitivity, and in the firm belief that Bhutan has a remarkable perspective to share with the rest of the world. Come see the world others miss.