Life discovered in Puerto Escondido

By Shar, Founder of the TravTribe



I stayed in Oaxaca for 2-months in 2014. It was the major life event that shaped the rest of my life. And so, it became my primary mission to recreate the opportunity of transformational travel for everyone else.

Puerto Escondido is a small town in Mexico with an intimately connected community of artists, international surfers, adventurers and locals. Immediately after arriving in Puerto, I became part of this magical community. As a surfer, it is easy to tap into the local circle. The surfer community is very inclusive. In those gatherings, I got to meet other travelers from all over the world. From Argentina to Australia to Israel, I got to hear their adventures and rediscover myself through their stories, in their ideas, distinct rituals and shared curiosity and ceremonies. Oaxaca became the container that Travel Tribe was birthed from.

Similar to Oaxaca, I wanted to experience the essence of every other destination with the local rituals, adventures, art and like-minded travelers. TravTribe enables local creators, artists and indigenous wisdom keepers to co-create an immersive experience of their community as an itinerary. In doing so, we are co-creating a future that connects communities of the world around experiences and rituals that cultivate togetherness & brings abundance for local creators. 

Ultimately, we are creating a future that enables any traveler to experience togetherness through immersive experiences that spark change and connect us deeply to each other & our ancestors.


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