Evergreen Escapes

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Evergreen Escapes is what the future of meaningful guiding looks like. We guide guests in small groups to share with them the natural environments, national parks and wine country across the Pacific Northwest. Everything we do comes down to making a connection, because meaningful and memorable experiences don’t come from facts, or even impressive views. They arise from that which we feel a personal connection to.

Our small groups of 10 or less mean the guide can connect personally with each guest, and that the group is small enough they can get to know each other. It also means the guides have a chance to connect guests not just with the big beautiful views and photo ops, but also with the intricate and complex beauty that is happening below the surface. We have a chance to inspire awe by connecting with things much larger than ourselves like geologic time, human history, natural quiet, or our own roots in nature. Our five star service, amazing local organic food, and the all inclusive nature of our tours all invite our guests to disconnect from their every day, to slow down, have fun, be present, be playful, and connect with the amazing place we feel blessed to call our home. Come tour with us.