Peru Wellness Travel/Tucano


Tucano Peru was founded in 1994, to provide foreign visitors coming to Peru and neighbouring countries their dream journey by turning their ideas into life experiences. 

Tucano is highly regarded amongst our large community of clients for our flexibility when planning a trip.  

 Our portfolio of products covers various themes moulded to specific requests and needs. Such as: history, traditions, adventure, honeymoons, culinary tours, wellness travel 

Travelers with a disability are more than welcome to experience the adventurous journeys we offer, with us it's not a problem, we have a solid background when managing groups of people with special needs. 

 Committed: We always act in the best interest as possible and work collectively with our client to achieve their traveling goals. When using our services, you will be looked after from the beginning to the end, when anything appears along the way we always stand by your side. 

We like to service travellers from many countries and cultural backgrounds.  We believe in constant change, therefore our team is always looking for new ways to enhance our trips, so you can expect the unexpected when using our services. 

Tucano Peru Travel Boutique  latest vision is the new Peru wellness offered in one of the most energetically charged places on earth. Providing a wonderful connection with Mother Nature throughout your journey. Peru wellness is dedicated to feeling better, escaping from the routing and benefiting from its curative qualities. This is how Peru Wellness travel was born, focused on making almost a pilgrimage in search of escapes to heal body and soul.