Northern Edge Algonquin

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Reclaim your extra-ordinary life; feel renewed, inspired and transformed. Northern Edge Algonquin creates & hosts all-inclusive nature retreats for groups of 10-35 participants. A sanctuary from technology, cell phones and constant connectivity, our guests unplug for multi-day experiences that reconnect, recharge, and re-inspire. Nourished by organic & locally-sourced foods crafted with care, and participating in tailored experiences with locals including storytellers, artists, musicians, naturalists, yoga and wellness facilitators, food growers and chefs guests return home inspired to live their own extra-ordinary lives. Northern Edge Algonquin inspires guests to rediscover themselves, empower one anothe and reconnect with nature.

What we have been doing is putting into practice simple formulas for inspiring and supporting meaningful, positive change in people, their communities and our world. Guests at retreats, conferences and summits go home with an intangible sense that things are different here… and they return home ready to embrace their extra-ordinary life.