Kilura Travel

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Being part of the TT movement is essential to us delivering more than the precise combination of bookings and enabling us to learn and improve continuously. It also combines all the things we are and omits what we are not, which sets us apart from traditional travel companies.  

To travel is known as the most precious time of the year. Therefore it makes sense to pay attention to all the ins and outs of destinations, local conditions, small print, weather, vaccinations and time differences. Purchasing a package holiday feels like buying somebody else´s trip. Everybody has their own needs, wants, energy levels and no go areas. No two travelers are the same; this is truer today than ever before. 

Kilura originates from the Gaelic word “ceiliúradh” which translates into “Celebration.” We celebrate travel and offer a bespoke travel advisory service. Connect with us via email – your trip of a lifetime begins with a quick questionnaire and a 30-minute chat. Visit for more information.