Inner & Outer Journeys


Inner & Outer Journeys is a small travel company that organize retreats with different retreat leaders, with different themes and tools; yoga, painting, watsu, writing, meditation, dancing etc. The retreat leaders are all chosen based on the principle on the Sufi legend of the blind men and the elephant; a group of blind men were told by their teacher to go and touch an elephant and describe it. They all felt a different part of the elephant's body; the nail, the tusk, the tail etc. Based on their limited experience each man’s description of the elephant were different – even though they all touched the same animal; a metaphor for God or the Truth.  

The retreats are all designed to help participants take time off from their everyday life - and retreat into the magic of their inner landscape. In our world of hyper-connection on one level and total disconnection on another level - my hope is that the participants leave the retreats feeling more connected with themselves – and through this; more connected with others and not the least; more connected to Mother Earth. I believe that the more connected we feel – the more love we feel for ourselves, each other and the nature. And we cannot harm or destroy someone or something we feel connected to.