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Based in Bellevue, WA, Global Family Travels’ mission is to “Learn, Serve and Immerse,” using travel as a means to build cultural bridges and to foster global citizens. In partnership with community partners, schools and non-profit organizations, we offer family-friendly, sustainable travel experiences in support of education, access to clean water, conservation, gender equality, and the preservation of local cultures.  

Our small group trip itineraries feature educational sightseeing, cultural immersion, home stays or visits with local families, service projects, and fun adventures designed to keep all ages happy and engaged. We are fortunate to support the good work of many non-profits working in numerous countries around the world, including Cuba, Costa Rica, India, Nepal, Peru, South Africa, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and many more!   

Meaningful Cultural Interactions:  Our cultural immersion trips bring travelers and host communities from different cultures together to learn from each other and work side-by-side to effect positive change through engaging in community service projects.  Travelers learn about important local issues and become immersed in the destination’s culture by experiencing daily life with the locals, resulting in meaningful cultural interactions.  

Many of our trips include a homestay with a local family, or the opportunity to cook a meal with our hosts to learn about their cultural traditions.  These immersive and engaging experiences oftentimes require courage, trust and vulnerability, but allow travelers to learn about both themselves and host community members, opening their hearts and minds to a greater awareness that we are all connected.  

Global Family Travels’ network of experienced guides and immersive itineraries offer participants life-changing cultural journeys and the opportunity to strengthen family bonds while experience the joy and fulfillment of meeting new people, discovering other cultures while reaffirming what matters most…our shared values and connectedness! 

We offer both scheduled small group departures and customizable family and individual trips. Our small size means our travelers get hand-on personalized travel planning service, expert local guides, and our commitment to transformative travel that embraces our three pillars of Learn, Serve and Immerse.  

Expect to Expand Your Family Circle when you travel with us!