Boutique Travel Advisors


There are few things in life as humbling as experiencing a new place for the first time and understanding what a small place we occupy in the world. We believe that all travel has the potential to be "transformational" and each destination the ability to change lives. For us the concept of transformation is broad and depends on the goals of our clients.  

During our discovery phase we discuss the individual goals of each person embarking on the journey. For many of our clients these goals center on connection, limiting distractions and building deeper and more meaningful relationships with one another thorough authentic and unique experiences. We believe that spending uninterrupted and device free time together allows the travelers to create incredibly deep and lasting memories together.  

BTA has a process which we believe closely aligns with the TTC guiding practices. We encourage our travelers to be open minded, compassionate and imaginative. In designing our itineraries, we set intentions which include opportunities for education, connection, giving back and creating personal change.