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TTC AMBASSADOR: Mona Lewicka  is a tailor-made travel planning consultancy for conscious individuals, who feel like travelling independently. 

Founded by two adventurers who crave exploration and needed freedom more than anything else. They did not mind not having a place to stay, but could not give up their courage. 

The word courage derives from the Latin word cor ‘heart’. It means 'to tell the story of who you are, with the whole heart'. And this is how nomaddict was born after having given up control and travelled to nearly 100 countries unassisted.

Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 10.55.49 AM.png suits inspiration seekers, who are brave enough to leave behind what they are used to. It is an address for the curious and open-minded, who find pleasure in trying new things and making new mistakes.

Each trip is a result of getting to know traveller's needs and conditions well. Then we take care of the details, reassuring the flexibility at every stage. While taking the hassle out of the trip planning process, we still encourage you to go unassisted and seek out the unfamiliar.

We believe in real connections and deep immersions, and do our best to make every trip a meaningful, unforgettable experience. We tend to go off the beaten path and outside of the comfort zone to imperceptibly learn about the world around and within us. 

Through our work, we want to contribute to the environment protention, support local economies and encourage actions tackling overtourism.

Let's travel in an authentic, sustainable but restrictive way, or... we'd better all stay at home.