The Adventure Boutique

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The Adventure Boutique is a world leader in luxury adventure travel, guiding you to the experience of a lifetime and taking you places in style. We offer tailor-made trips, embedded with taste, that are a little out of the ordinary. We provide unique opportunities to challenge your travel boundaries; greet new cultures and explore new heights.

Whether you want an adventure that revolves around cultural experiences, skills enhancement or health benefits, our world renowned Expedition Leaders can deliver an itinerary that no other will meet.

This is no ordinary holiday; this is a journey of transformation, exploring distinct destinations in a unique way, creating memorable experiences that go above and beyond your expectations, and make a lasting impression. At The Adventure Boutique we enrich every adventure with elegant details enabling you to really make the most of your journey. Our adventures aren’t designed by just anyone;  Dr. Raj Joshi, Founder of ‘The Adventure Boutique’, has years of experience leading teams through some of the world’s most remote environments, include navigating groups, such as celebrities including Cheryl (formerly Cheryl Cole) and Gary Barlow safely to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, David Beckham through the Amazon jungle as well as summiting Mount Everest with the British Army.

At The Adventure Boutique we offer distinguished Expedition Leaders whose expertise in the area mean that you can rest easy in the knowledge you are in good hands. We think its important you get the most enjoyment out of these exceptional experiences, which is why we offer stylish and bespoke logistics throughout the journey, giving your trip exclusivity. Moreover, the expedition team will go to great lengths to ensure those little creature comforts are added to make your experience incomparable.

Discover an entirely new level of transformational and sustainable travel with The Adventure Boutique.