Traveling in the Moments Around us!

By Harald Huebner, Founder of Kilura Travel Experiences


Connecting with the real world, using a filter Social Media could not invent: myself! Back in the 80ties, in a world, before the Internet, I hurt my wrists hammering away on a manual typewriter. It was painstakingly slow. Flying was still considered a luxury, prohibitively expensive. It was one reason why I enjoyed travelling all of Europe by motorcoach. As a travel agent apprentice, free travel was one of the best perks.

Early on in my job, I realised that I needed to do more to have a career. I had studied Business Economics and Tourism which required an internship abroad. The requirements of the degree led me to Ireland and changed the story of my life forever. I found my love, my spiritual home and the springboard to explore the world. I was a corporate travel agent, Incentive Travel Destination Manager and Event Organiser yet I knew there was more.

Harald St. Michaels Mount.jpg

“Ireland is my home ground yet the world is my playing field” has become my motto over the years. I enjoy watching Rugby but walking the trails and tracks of Ireland beats it every time. Here, the weather and the landscape are impatient and always changing. I love the taste of salt on my lips and the wind whipping in from the Atlantic, there is an untouched solitude to Irelands Western Shores; no comparison with my urban life in Germany. I found peace and fun people, enjoying life, discover real connections in nature in wild Donegal.

Over 25 years in the travel business has allowed me to travel extensively and explore exceptional destinations. I am blessed with a memory bottle filled with the smell of a fresh baguette from Boulangerie Delmontel in Paris, the taste of the Parampampoli (Sambucca on fire) in Rifugio Crucolo in the Italian Alps and the view from Dun Aenghus on Inish Mór across the Atlantic Ocean.

My life is continuously transforming and evolving through travel!

I realised that helping others reach their full potential helps me achieve mine. People want to connect with their why or purpose for greater meaning in life. Understanding the why of travel creates a different approach to arranging travel adventures. It is the why question that created Kilura Travel Experiences.

Immersion in other countries and cultures occurs in many ways. While sitting in a café, I enjoy closing my eyes and listen to the sounds around me; it helps me notice the small moments hiding in plain sight. Connecting with nature in the real world and being present, using myself as the filter to travel in the moments around me is a continuous transformational travel journey.

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