Love of the Chilcotin Region, BC

By Phil Huston, Founder of The Chilco Experience

As a 25 year old I had the good fortune of a 16 month walk about.  In hindsight, that event shaped the next four decades of my life more than any other.  It made me a citizen of the world and to value experiences more than any other form of currency.  

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 It was on this journey that I discovered my love for the Chilcotin region of British Columbia and its pristine wilderness.  Its 1910 Montana with more mountains and less people.   In 2000 I bought property there and was able to introduce my five children to nature in such a way that it became a fundamental element of their character.  If parents want better kids they need to connect them with nature and not the internet.   

The family is grown and off on their careers.  What remains for me today is connecting new families with nature at the highest possible level and to witness the positive changes that result.  This is my passion and I would not have found it without travel.  It has transformed my life and that of my family for the better. 

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