Sharing Travel with Others Around the World

By Veronica Napuri, founder of Tucano Peru


I realized that giving my full knowledge to listen to people all around the world, such as their needs and enthusiasm when planning a holiday, for a relaxing or adventurous break. Hearing all about the past experiences and the reasons behind taking a trip are countless, this added a further dimension to my understanding, therefore, I feel in a way that I am identified with people’s emotions and feelings.

Tucano Peru Transformational Travel Council

Recently I’ve been studying how our brain works, when producing emotions such as happiness or fear. The stress damaging our immune system, is not good, but the positive side is that everything we create we can also change, regardless of the regressive demands of every-day,

When you experience positive emotions that are not common in you, it works like magic, this produces and renovates your nervous system.

Do something different, be involved with locals, you need to repeat feelings that are good to start closing the ones which unbalance your being, and for this reason, Peru Wellness transformed my life, and I am very happy to share this gift with others.


I started to search for more knowledge to start creating holidays which are not just about visiting a place, but also connected and open to the benefit of its surroundings, which will consequently give you a more positive way of thinking.

I started to practice yoga, learning many therapies and just recently mindfulness with a special master, which I enjoy every saturday afternoon. 

This brought together a drive to create a new line of products, to open a channel which allows me to introduce experiential travel from inside out.  

I feel grateful for the career that connected me with the whole world, it has given me a push to cross the bridge to learn... and adapt with flexibilities, languages, eating habits. This diversity changed me too for the best and has added a lot to my life and in many ways has been my driving force, I am already working with my team closely to encourage this same principle when organizing a journey.

Offer the opportunity to help travelers, to discover a wellness experience, furthermore, a gateway to exchange particular activities and experiences.

I feel grateful to be part of the Transformational Travel Council team that shares and creates the same values.

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