Transformational Travel in Flores, Indonesia

By Pedro O’Connor, Founder of Epic Private Journeys

Actively listening to people and making a difference to their everyday lives through genuinely caring is my goal. This applies to both my clients and the people I introduce them to throughout their travels. 

Photograph Flores, Indonesia by Yori Antar

Photograph Flores, Indonesia by Yori Antar


Each time I visit a new, remote destination on a reconnaissance, I take portraits of the villagers. When I return home I print my best images, enlarge and laminate them to make them waterproof. Fast forward  a year or two later whilst guiding my clients, I seek out the individuals and present them with the images. It always brings great joy and big smiles to their faces as these are the only photos they have of themselves and they pin them with pride on their bamboo walled huts. The bond formed by this thoughtful gesture provides a deeper and more connected interaction for my clients. Something money cannot buy. 

We also bring writing books, pens, erasers, a World Map and soccer balls to the primary schools in these small villages as education is held in such high regard.  Invariably we find ourselves “teaching” a geography class with great laughter from the young students.

Through these small acts of kindness my clients benefit from the relationship I have fostered over many years.

It is the little things that make a big difference and create indelible memories we can recount forever.  Travel is the best education we can give our children and ourselves.

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