Great Walks of Australia

The Arkaba Walk Sleep under the stars Flinders Ranges.jpg

Disconnect to reconnect is something that the members of Great Walks of Australia often talk about – and their guests relish the opportunity to do this, in their own time and with only nature (and knowledgeable guides) determining how their day ahead is looking. Each day on a great walk is a new day.

Great Walks of Australia offers premium guided walking experiences that engage walkers in some of the world’s most spectacular terrain. This signature collection of ten walks inspires guests to explore Australia’s diverse landscape and reconnect with nature and themselves.

The walks cover coastal, inland and outback trails on journeys led by expert guides with a deep understanding and appreciation of the environment. The walk operators provide the utmost in style and comfort with gourmet food and wine, plus exclusive, comfortable accommodations including historic homesteads, wilderness camps, private huts and luxury lodges. They offer a remarkable nature experience and the chance to take time out.