You live to Travel

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YouLive To Travel (YouLi), Travel Management Platform, was co-founded by a visionary leader, Jen Fein, and platform development master, Bron Thulke.

Jen knows the transformational power of travel and has shared that with her friends by leading private group trips, but she wanted to share it with more than she could lead personally. Planning the wedding in Jordan (with help from Spice Road Travel) was the critical event that gave her the confidence to make the necessary investment in the larger dream.

The travel industry plays a critical role in connecting communities around the world. Travel on its own is no longer the only purpose of a trip. More travelers are looking to gain new perspective, learn a skill, and make an impact on the world. The idea of “travel as a consequence” is becoming more common. The YouLi team is building the software to empower and support this Transformational Travel Movement. 

Unlike “robotized” booking platforms, YouLi travel tech helps unique travel businesses deliver highly personalized experiences and scale them without doing the work from scratch every time.

Features include:

  • Highly customizable instant updates & personalized itineraries for each traveler

  • Trip templates

  • Tasks for travelers with automated email reminders

  • Branded registration pages with white-labeled domain

  • Zero commission payment processing

Many group travel companies are already powered by YouLi and change lives on every trip. Educational programs by The Hacker Exchange enable Australian students to practice entrepreneurial skills in the most advanced startup environments around the world. Among others, cultural exchange tours to the Middle East by Almanar Consulting, social impact journeys around India by TribesforGOOD, and extreme nature immersions all over the world by Best Life Adventures.

The YouLi team continuously improves the software to meet the needs of the change-makers that create transformational travel.