Fogdog Ventures

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Fogdog’s mission is to create transformative places that impact and inspire.

Our priorities are changing. We have long since recognized the value of experiences over material goods. Now, as we search for greater meaning and fulfillment, we are further refining our focus to those experiences that have the power to transform.

We believe that the built environment can play a critical role in realizing this objective. It can be crafted in ways that connect us, shape our habits, and foster our creative pursuits and lifelong learning. As such, it provides a tremendous opportunity to enhance our lives.

This defines our core philosophy – shaping the built environment to create places that impact and inspire. We pursue this by focusing on three key principles: identity, community, and meaningful engagement, which we believe to be the pillars of well-being. 

Our environment profoundly influences us, so we design it to enrich our lives.