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A pioneer of travel to remote and challenging destinations since 1982, Geographic Expeditions (GeoEx) crafts wanderlust-fueled journeys to the world's most astonishing places. We're driven by our love of travel, our fascination with the destinations we're privileged to visit, and our delight in sharing them with you. We pour our in-country expertise and passion for eyes-open travel into intelligently designing Group Trips and Custom Trips—cultural tours, treks, safaris, cruises, and journeys by train—to the widest array of destinations. You can count on us for engaging and enriching experiences, innovative itineraries, top-notch leaders and lodgings, and the highest quality safety net. 


The seed for Geographic Expeditions (GeoEx), was planted on the Tibetan side of Mount Everest by a group of trekkers in 1981. Huddled in a cold tent at about 16,500 feet and thrilled to be there—at the time, fewer than 300 Westerners had been permitted in Tibet and this group of 15 was the first American contingent ever allowed into the Tibetan backcountry—they cajoled a spunky Jo Sanders, the trek’s master permit-wheedler, into starting her own adventure travel company specializing in travel to recently forbidden parts of Tibet and China. 


Along the way, we pioneered adventure travel to places that most of us had only dreamed about and forged bright new ways to experience them. The Kangshung Face of Everest, far western China, South Georgia Island, the length and breadth of Bhutan, the mountains of northern Myanmar (Burma), Kilimanjaro’s Western Breach, Snow leopard haunts in Ladakh, new corners of Patagonia, etc. 


Today, based from San Francisco's beautiful Presidio, our staff of about 50 continues to lovingly craft and smartly run trips—from treks and safaris to cultural tours, cruises, and rail journeys—to all seven continents.  
With more than 35 years of experience under our belts, we’re still convinced the world is brimming with new travel gems, still in love with travel and convinced of its worth. Our solidity and success a source of pride, we’re still chomping at the bit, still deeply charmed by our well-peopled planet, and tickled at how far we’ve come from that little tent in Tibet. 


“Geographic Expeditions understands completely more than the logistics of travel—they understand the poetry and magic of travel,” wrote GeoEx traveler Tom B. “I am always deeply impressed by their rich and respectful approach to exploring the world, their superb professionals, and their genuine commitment to the highest quality experience.” We’re proud not only of reviews like this, but also that GeoEx ranks among the world’s top travel companies and is featured as trusted experts by Condé Nast TravelerOutside, AFAR, Travel + Leisure, and others.