Join the TT Movement!

If you're in the travel industry and are interested in joining the Transformational Travel movement, there are several ways to do so: 

Become an Ally

If you're a tour operator, accommodation provider, or other travel industry company that is ready to change the world by transforming lives through travel, consider becoming an official TTC Ally. Benefits for this exclusive group include:

  • Exposure to the TT community by being listed on our official Ally page (Coming soon!)
  • Access to the TTC database of HEROs (travelers) for blogs and podcasts (Coming soon!)
  • Opportunities to submit trips for our Adventures page (Coming soon!)
  • Invitation to the TT Gathering (Beginning in 2019)

The application process opens in October 2018 -- Fill out the form below to be notified when you can apply to be an official TTC Ally! 

Become a Herald

If you’re an individual within the travel industry who is inspired by the idea of transformational travel and wants to help raise awareness and draw attention to the TT movement or a member of the travel media who would like to be one of the first journalists to receive the latest TTC news, research, and press releases and use your platform to share information and insights about TT, we want to work with you! The only requirement? You've gotta submit at least one blog or personal story about a life-changing travel experience you've had for us to post on social media and on our website. That's it, Herald :)

Become a Sponsor / Donor

If you connect to transformational travel concepts on deep level, your partnership and/or contributions will help us amplify our message, support others in becoming HEROs, and change the world! (Click the button below to let us know!)