TTC's Guiding Principles

1. Reimagine the Client Relationship | Genuinely guide and support travelers in pursuit of transformation through intention, travel wisdom and organic interaction; Pre-, on-trip, and Post-Journey.

2. Consciously Design Itineraries | Practice slow travel, leave space between itinerary for unplanned exploration, integrate peak experiences, wellness activities and time for reflection.

3. Embrace Ceremony | Bring ritual and/or celebration to the Departure, Arrival, and Return.

4. Push Comfort Zones | Encourage mindful engagement in challenging physical activities and/or high-contrast cultural experiences.

5. Engage the Senses | Call on the full array of senses, consider the scents, scenic and sonic, encourage the development of intuition.

6. Connect with Nature | Opportunity to practice stillness in quiet, open, and awe-inspiring landscapes; Advocate for digital detox and identify time and space for silent reflection.

7. Foster Personal Growth | Promote introspection and reconnection with self by encouraging learning, journaling, reading, drawing, reflecting, meditating, interacting with place and people, and trying something new.

8. Promote Wellness | Provide local and healthy cuisine, create a sanctuary, support active movement, solitude, stillness, and restoration of mind, body and soul

9. Create a Sense of Place | Draw the traveler forward, capture the essence of a destination, reveal the richness of the local culture, natural history and wildlife. Invoke a distinct sense of awe and wonderment.

10. Embody a Sustainable Ethos | Commitment to responsible travel: Leave No Trace, environmental education, local engagement, adhering to triple bottom line philosophy, give back to host communities, philanthropic initiatives.