Become a TTC Ally

If you're a tour operator, accommodation provider, or other travel industry company that is ready to change the world and transform lives through travel, consider becoming an official TTC Ally. Review the benefits of being an Ally, and -- when you're ready to join the movement -- we invite you to complete the Ally Application! 


What / Who Are TTC Allies?

The TTC Mission

TTC's mission is to inspire, empower, and provide resources for travelers who are looking to travel as a tool for transforming their life and changing the world. Working alongside our Allies -- tour operators, accommodation providers, travel media, and other travel industry partners who abide by TTC's Guiding Practices -- we serve travelers, 'seekers,' in their pursuit of personal transformation as we holistically guide and support them as they adventure through the many trials, tribulations, challenges, and triumphs of their HERO's Journey.


Our Allies in Transformation

TTC's Allies are passionately and tirelessly dedicated to achieving this mission and vow to actively adhere to the TTC Guiding Principles by integrating them into the conscious, intentional, and mindful design and delivery of truly life-changing travel experiences.

Benefits of Being a TTC Ally

Becoming a TTC Ally will not only benefit your travelers ... it will help your entire business grow an thrive! How? Here are 10 ways: 

  1. Recognition as an early adopter of the TT movement!

  2. Access to the latest TT info, research, resources, and insights.  

  3. Exposure to the TTC community through TTC's social media platforms, The HERO Blog, and The HERO Podcast.

  4. Ability to purchase branded versions of The HERO's Journal

  5. Being listed as a TTC Ally on the TTC website, the top search result on Google for 'transformational travel.' 

  6. Opportunities to list itineraries on the TTC website.

  7. Access to the TTC Ally Community to share best practices, innovate, and build meaningful partnerships.

  8. Special PR opportunities, leads, and overarching TTC coverage.

  9. Invitation to the annual TTC Gathering (beginning in 2019). 

  10. Eligibility for entrance to the HERO Awards (launching in 2020).

With your support, we can redefine what it means to travel, shift the current travel paradigm, bring it back to its origins, and guide travelers into a new age of travel. When supporting the traveler in finding the HERO within, they’ll return from their trip feeling fulfilled, sing your praises, and share their stories with the world, ultimately benefitting your bottom line.



TTC Guiding Practices

We support Allies in aligning with the TT values and best practices through inviting dialogue, inspiring innovation, providing on-going education and training. We assist Allies in supporting the HERO in their quest by carefully assessing their understanding and execution of experiences and services provided in relation to our Guiding Principles. Allies who champion these principles and integrate these Guiding Principles into their team, trip design, and traveler engagement will shift their organizational culture and instill a deeper sense of purpose for employees and travelers alike, ensuring that the travel experiences will resonate with the traveler on a much deeper level. 


Ready to Become a TTC Ally?

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