TTC’s Partnership Program is a community of travel companies committed to changing the world through travel.

Partners are travel companies — tour operators, accommodation providers, travel media, and other travel industry partners — that are tirelessly dedicated to helping TTC achieve its mission to inspire, empower, and provide resources for travelers who are looking to travel as a tool for transforming their life and changing the world. By committing to doing their best to integrate and apply TTC’s Guiding Practices into their itineraries, programs, and services, Partners help support travelers in their pursuit of personal and global transformation, guiding them along their HERO’s Journey as they adventure through the many trials, tribulations, challenges, and triumphs that they encounter.

Why Become a TTC Partner?

The TTC pledges to support Partners through education, inspiration, professional development, and consultation to help allied providers tailor their offerings to travelers seeking transformational experiences and spread the word about how travel is the ultimate tool for personal growth, cultural understanding, and global communication.


Through the Partner Program, TTC pledges to support Partners in leveraging the TTC Guiding Practices and advocating for deeper, more fulfilling travel experiences for all stakeholders, the traveler, host, and destination through a series of webinars, cutting-edge research, optional consulting and training, and additional resources made available only to TTC Allies and Partners.


The heart of the TTC is the abundant community of travel professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping others change theirs through travel. The TTC community will share resources, success stories, lessons learned, best practices, and inspiration with others to support one another in achieving our mission of transforming the world through travel. Partners will also receive an invitation to TTC Events and the TTC Annual Gathering.


TTC’s Partner program will distinguish those organizations that have pledged to actively integrate the TT concepts into their programs and services to the growing number of seekers looking for more from their travels. Travel Partners will receive an Official TTC Travel Partner logo for use in promotional efforts and marketing.


TTC Partners will be listed on a dedicated Partner page on the TTC website which will serve as a gathering place for travelers looking to get more from their travels, connecting these people with the passion-driven travel and hospitality companies they are searching for. Additionally, our social media and integrated marketing campaigns help us continually engage and grow our community of seekers. Partners will benefit from the TTC’s position as #1 in Google for the emerging search term ‘Transformational Travel.’