Where as the Partner Program is geared toward travel-related companies that share our mission for changing the world, TTC’s Travel Mentor Program is powered by trained travel design professionals — individuals who work directly with travelers to ensure the conscious, intentional, and mindful design and delivery of truly life-changing travel experiences. Travel Mentors are any Partner organization’s champions, those who believe in this philosophy of travel, are trained by the TTC, and pledge to put their training into intentional practice. This exclusive collection of Travel Mentors will be trusted and empowered to align their respective organization with the TTC Guiding Practices and ensure that every traveler is holistically supported in their pursuit of deeper learning, reflection, and change. By becoming a TTC Travel Mentor, you’re accelerating the global shift in the travel paradigm, where the Mentor is trained in leveraging travel as a force for good, personally and globally.

Why Become a TTC Travel Mentor?

By becoming a TTC Travel Mentor, you are accelerating the global shift in the travel paradigm, where the Ally is trained in leveraging travel as force for good, personally and globally. Becoming a TTC Ally will not only benefit your travelers ... it will help your entire business grow an thrive! How? Here are just a few of the ways: 


Through the Mentor Program, TTC pledges to support Allies in applying the TTC Guiding Practices as they craft deeper, more fulfilling travel experiences for all stakeholders: the traveler, host, and destination. Through a series of webinars, cutting-edge research, individualized consulting and training, and additional resources made available only to TTC Allies, TTC will educate and support Mentors in creating truly life-changing experiences for their travelers.


The heart of the TTC is the abundant community of travel professionals who have dedicated their lives to helping others change theirs through travel. The TTC community will share resources, success stories, lessons learned, best practices, and inspiration with others to support one another in achieving our mission of transforming the world through travel. Partners will also receive an invitation to TTC Events and the TTC Annual Gathering.


The Ally Program will distinguish those providers who have fully embraced this philosophy to the growing number of seekers looking for more from their travels. Ally and their Travel Mentors will receive an Official TTC Ally and Travel Mentor Logo, are listed on our website and your TTC Imagined journey will be featured on AdventureJunky.com


The Ally community will unite through cooperative marketing opportunities, media leads, press trips, sales missions, trade and consumer shows, and TTC events including the TTC Annual Gathering. Allies will benefit from the TTC’s position as #1 in Google for the search term ‘Transformational Travel.’

Lead Generation

Mentors will be promoted on the TTC website, www.Transformational.Travel, a searchable, consumer-facing platform for marketing, awareness, and community-building. A gathering place for travelers looking to learn more about how they can get more from their travels and a community to support them in this mission, our website is a collection of the very travelers you're seeking, connecting them with activated travel professionals because it's all one global community of explorers. Our social media, and integrated marketing campaigns help us continually engage and grow our community of seekers.


With your support, we can redefine what it means to travel, shift the current travel paradigm, bring it back to its origins, and guide travelers into a new age of travel. When supporting the traveler in finding the HERO within, they’ll return from their trip feeling fulfilled, sing your praises, and share their stories with the world, ultimately benefitting your bottom line.

Ready to Become a Travel Mentor?

Mentor applications have closed and will reopen during the winter of 2019/2020.

Did you know that the first step to becoming a mentor is to first become a TTC partner?

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