Transformational travel is intentionally traveling to stretch, learn and grow into new ways of being and engaging with the world.


'Transformational Travel' Defined


Transformational travel (TT) is more than just a feeling or a moment. It is more than that flush of happiness and wonder that comes from a special experience and connection.

TTC defines it as:

Transformational travel is intentionally traveling to stretch, learn and grow into new ways of being and engaging with the world.

Travel joins other catalysts for personal transformation and new lifestyle choices, from family and relationships to life events, personal health, etc. To be further explored, travel can be catalytic in a handful of areas: relationships, ecological footprint, consumer and travel choices, social purpose and philanthropic commitments, lifestyle and time management choices, and mindful, contemplative practice.

When we leave home and set out on our own, there are often 3 critical parts of a truly life-altering adventure:

  1. Traveling with intention, openness, and mindfulness

  2. Engaging in challenging physical and/or cultural experiences 

  3. Taking time for personal reflection & meaning-making

The TTC's goal is to help bring these 3 elements together to radically increase the likelihood of you having a life-changing travel experience. We supply coaching assistance for travelers looking for a more meaningful adventure as well as provide them with access to tour operators and accommodation providers who embody and incorporate the TT principals into their foundation.


Mission and Vision

Our mission is to facilitate the community, knowledge and services that allow travel to deliver the greatest good possible, for you and for communities.

We are guides and conveners of a global movement which maximizes the power of travel to positively transform how we live our lives, how we live with others, and how we live on our planet.

We believe in transformation. That it is possible and that it happens from the inside out – and that it is hard! We believe transformational travel is worth it, for few other forces have such potential for personal growth, transcending divisions within and among ourselves. We believe personal intention and transformation is critical and an under-appreciated link in today’s social purpose and sustainability movements.

“Transformational travel is any travel experience that empowers people to make meaningful, lasting changes in their life. Ultimately, it's a new philosophy on travel that connects travellers to their truest self and to others, cultivating a sense of purpose and belonging.”

- Jake Haupert

The Principles of Transformational Travel

Discover the PATH and travel with HEART as you begin to shape your own transformational journey.



Prepare | During the month leading up to departure
Prepare for your journey from the first inklings of travel’s call, through the departure from your everyday world. Explore this section in full during the weeks before your departure. Whether you’re the type to fly blind, or someone who plans every second, this preparation will serve you well.

Adventure | While you travel
From threshold to threshold, through the heart of your adventure this section accompanies you as you explore the world around you. Comprised of primarily open space for you to create you will also find “Waypoint” pages for some inspiration, insight, wisdom, and encouragement.

Think | As you return from your travels
Even as your travels conclude, the journey continues. By examining, reflecting, revisiting, and contemplating, we nurture a fuller appreciation of our travels and uncover deeper layers of meaning and insight. This section guides you through a process of diving more deeply into what you’ve experienced and uncovered.

Honor | Extending the power of your travels into your life
Here lies the final gate to life changing travel: honoring the experience. You can honor your travels, the privilege to be able to move through the world, the impact you have on the places you go by using your journey to affect positive change in the world. You can honor the work you put into preparation, the courage it took to be adventuresome, the insights illuminated in your reflecting by affecting positive change in your life for your own benefit and for the benefit of those around you. This final chapter guides you through creating this change and making your trip transformational. 



Humble | Empty Cup Mentality
Fostering an approach of equality, learning, and connection

Engaged | Being a participant not a spectator.
Taking responsibility for you part in/Being pro-active in the creation of the experience.

Awake | Paying attention.
Being actively attuned (awake) to/(aware of) the power and complexity of internal and external circumstances/reactions, as well as the internal and external effects of our choices.

Resilient | Willing to actively take on challenge…
…accept difficulty (proactively and re-actively) in order to access better experiences and find growth opportunities.

Thankful | Gratitude mindset.
When we're thankful we're thoughtful, better stewards, and we're happy.



Tangible Transformational Travel

While the specifics of every TT experience – destination, trip length, group size, experiences and activities, etc. – are different, they tend to include all (or at least most) of the following:

  • Venturing off to a place that is dramatically different from home

  • Traveling with intention ... and yet still with an open mind and heart

  • Purposefully engaging with the local people to learn about their culture

  • Seeking out challenging physical, cultural, and/or spiritual experiences

  • Inviting others into powerful conversations and sharing perspectives about life, etc.

  • Taking time out for personal reflection (journaling, meditation/prayer, etc.) 

  • Making meaning and extracting lessons from your experiences

  • Developing a plan for applying what you have learned into your life


For some people, solo travel is the best way to fully immerse themselves in the experience; for others, traveling in a small group creates a sense of community which supports them in using travels to change their life. There is no right or wrong way to participate in Transformational Travel


Theoretical and Research Foundations for TT

There are several, but foremost are TTC Co-Founder Michael Bennett's doctoral research as well as the work done by Joseph Campbell, culminating in the concept of The Hero’s Journey.


How can I learn more about TT for myself or for my company?

Simple – Explore the 'For Travelers' and 'For Allies' sections of the website for ways to get involved and to learn more. You can also contact any member of our team. We will be happy to tell you more about how travel has changed our lives and explore how we can help you have a transformational travel experience!