Transformational Travel

What is 'Transformational Travel'?

Transformational travel (or TT) is any travel experience that empowers people to make meaningful, lasting changes in their life. We have found from personal experience (and a little research) that when we leave home and set out on our own version of the Hero's Journey, there are often 3 critical parts of a truly life-altering adventure:

  1. Traveling with intention, openness, and mindfulness

  2. Engaging in challenging physical and/or cultural experiences 

  3. Taking time for personal reflection & meaning-making

TTC's goal is to help bring these 3 elements together in order to radically increase the likelihood of you having a mind-blowing, life-changing travel experience. How? By offering support, coaching, advice, resources, and sometimes even a gentle get-off-your-butt-and-get-going nudge. We also provide access to some of the top tour operators and accommodation providers in the world ... those that are scrapping the typical itinerary to consciously design experiences that will transform your life. 

Ready to take charge of your travel experience and unlock the transformational power of travel? 

Why should I care about Transformational Travel?

The power inherent in your journey will be guided by your choices and nurtured by your efforts. You do not need to walk alone or go unaided. There is an ancient path, well worn by the ages, ready to be rediscovered, and you are in the company of many great heroes, heroines and adventurers who have walked it before you. Introducing two tools to aid you in your journey, the HERO and the PATH.

Meet the HERO and discover the PATH as you begin to shape your own transformational journey.


Prepare | During the month leading up to departure
Prepare for your journey from the first inklings of travel’s call, through the departure from your everyday world. Explore this section in full during the weeks before your departure. Whether you’re the type to fly blind, or someone who plans every second, this preparation will serve you well.

Adventure | While you travel
From threshold to threshold, through the heart of your adventure this section accompanies you as you explore the world around you. Comprised of primarily open space for you to create you will also find “Waypoint” pages for some inspiration, insight, wisdom, and encouragement.

Think | As you return from your travels
Even as your travels conclude, the journey continues. By examining, reflecting, revisiting, and contemplating, we nurture a fuller appreciation of our travels and uncover deeper layers of meaning and insight. This section guides you through a process of diving more deeply into what you’ve experienced and uncovered.

Honor | Extending the power of your travels into your life
Here lies the final gate to life changing travel: honoring the experience. You can honor your travels, the privilege to be able to move through the world, the impact you have on the places you go by using your journey to affect positive change in the world. You can honor the work you put into preparation, the courage it took to be adventuresome, the insights illuminated in your reflecting by affecting positive change in your life for your own benefit and for the benefit of those around you. This final chapter guides you through creating this change and making your trip transformational. 


| There may be no trait more vital to ongoing success of travel as a force for good than humility. It’s a recognition that the needs and lives of others are as important as our own. We stand to gain far more by listening, observing, We open ourselves to awe. We protect the world at the same time by recognizing our limited place in the world, and the importance of others.

Engaged | Engage emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally with your experiences, destinations, and counterparts to be fully activated, present, and connected. Make the great leap from observer to participant, from the entertained to the involved.

Resilient | Steady your resolve that you may willingly step into the unknown, push boundaries, cover distances in search of treasure, endure discomfort for the sake of experience, try the new and unusual, and breach gaps between perspectives, peoples, and beliefs. Resolve is a skeleton key to many accessible treasures both internally and externally. 

Open | Slay the dragons of expectation and entitlement wielding an unrelenting openness. The world has much to teach through new experiences, ideas, and cultures when we can disentangle them from the preconceived notions of what they should be and decouple the familiar from what we consider to be correct.


What are the benefits of 'TT'?

How much time do you have? :) Though transformational travel, we are invited (and in some cases forced) to:

  • Disconnect from the myriad of stresses at home (technology, work, people)

  • Expand our worldview by connecting with new people, cultures, and ideas

  • Develop a deeper and more empowered sense of self

  • Find fresh perspectives of self, others, and the world 

  • Build lifelong relationships with those we meet

  • Live with more purpose, passion, and meaning

These are just a handful of the benefits of transformational travel. Seriously, this list could go on for a LONG time!


What does TT look like in action?

While the specifics of every TT experience – destination, trip length, group size, experiences and activities, etc. – are different, they tend to include all (or at least most) of the following:

  • Venturing off to a place that is dramatically different from home

  • Traveling with intention ... and yet still with an open mind and heart

  • Purposefully engaging with the local people to learn about their culture

  • Seeking out challenging physical, cultural, and/or spiritual experiences

  • Inviting others into powerful conversations and sharing perspectives about life, etc.

  • Taking time out for personal reflection (journaling, meditation/prayer, etc.) 

  • Making meaning and extracting lessons from your experiences

  • Developing a plan for applying what you have learned into your life

For some people, solo travel is the best way to fully immerse themselves in the experience; for others, traveling in a small group creates a sense of community which supports them in using travels to change their life. There is no right or wrong way to do TT :)


What are the stages or steps of a TT Journey?

While every adventure -- and adventurer! -- is different, we have found that most TT experiences go through a classic 3-stage process called 'The Hero's Journey':

1 | The Departure / The Call to Adventure: The hero (you!) feels a general sense of discontentment or longing for something different and answers the 'Call to Adventure' by committing to set out on a great adventure. After a period of preparation, the hero leaves the familiar world and ventures into the unknown world in search of growth, transformation, and change.

2 | The Initiation / The Road of Trials: Once the hero crosses the 'Threshold of Adventure,' they are faced with a series of challenges that push their comfort zones and through which their true character is revealed. This may include physical adventures, immersive cultural experiences, powerful conversations with others, and time for personal reflection. 

3 | The Return & Rebirth: The hero returns to the 'normal world' with a renewed sense of self, fresh perspectives of the world, new skills, valuable lessons learned, and lifelong relationships. The hero then shares all of these gifts with others to positively impact their friends, family, and community. 


Who is TT for? Can anyone have a TT experience?

Everyone! Whether you are young or simply young-at-heart, travel is the best and most exciting way to foster real growth, change, and transformation in your life. It can often open doors to opportunities and people and inspiration that we never would have had if we had stayed home. Many people travel when they seek something new in their lives – a job/career, relationship, location, etc. Others set out on an adventure when they aren't quite sure what they want (or who they are) and are looking to find themselves and define what is next for them. Some people look to travel to shift perspectives, learn something, or celebrate a recent life accomplishment. Regardless of your personal motivations, transformational travel is for all of us!


What are the theoretical or research foundations for TT?

There are several, but foremost are TTC Co-Founder Michael Bennett's doctoral research as well as the work done by Joseph Campbell, culminating in the concept of The Hero’s Journey.


How can I learn more about TT for myself or for my company?

Simple – Explore the 'For Travelers' and 'For Travel Trade' sections of the website for ways to get involved and to learn more. You can also contact any member of our team. We will be happy to tell you more about how travel has changed our lives and explore how we can help you have a transformational travel experience!