Travel can transform your life. 

But merely moving from one point to another doesn’t transform you.  Whatever your experiences are, if you have not applied meaning to those moments and taken action, you have not changed.

To heed the call of adventure, you need to travel like a HERO: With Heart, Engagement, Resolve, and Openness into the Unknown. 

You will have to separate from the comfortable, known world and challenge your long-held personal beliefs, as you explore new cultures and places, engage with different people and push your physical limitations.

We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next, to find ourselves.
— Pico Iyer

By doing so, your perspectives shift, and your actions and behaviors become more conscious, intentional, and purpose-driven. In other words, travel can be the catalyst which inspires you to create meaningful changes in your life and the world in which we live, and thus you become the HERO of your own life.

That is the transformational power of travel!

Bonded by experience, we set out to start a movement and founded the Transformational Travel Council (TTC) to help others transform their lives through travel.

Our mission is to support and facilitate a community of ‘HEROES" as we all search for meaningful work, discover our real purpose in life and unlock that spark that would light our lives on fire.

We therefore invite you, both traveler and travel professional, to explore our website and join the community of HEROES.

Be inspired by what you read. Learn things.  Listen for your call to adventure.  Share your story. Connect with us.  And together, live the transformational power of travel.

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Our travel gurus have crafted the HERO; A Seeker’s Guide to Travel journal to go with you around the world. This interactive journal is designed to encourage, challenge, and support you to have a transformational experience on your journeys.


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Insert Personal quote by MB, Bennett, who wrote his doctoral dissertation on transformational traveln short: TT is not only about transforming lives … it is truly about transforming the world

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 “Today’s culture is device-driven and fast paced. We’re disconnecting from ourselves, our relationships, nature, and culture. The external pieces of an itinerary don’t reveal the inner journey a trip can inspire, and ignore the far-reaching benefits of travel.”