Dear Future TTC,

So you think you can change the world? Do you remember our talks at ATTA, our dreams of stewardship and global citizens? In a world where technology is seemingly infinite, nature is foreign, and pressures are great; the opportunity to bring enlightened change through travel is now. We have seen the power of travel change the things around us with our own eyes; it's true! If it doesn't scare you the task isn't grand enough!

We have gathered the brightest, the wisest, the freshest, and the most courageous travel industry professionals. 

The world is ready!

- Best Wishes, Naive TTC

What is 'Transformational Travel'?

Transformational travel (or TT) is any travel experience that empowers people to make meaningful, lasting changes in their life. We have found from personal experience (and a little research) that when we leave home and set out on our own version of the Hero's Journey, there are often 3 critical parts of a truly life-altering adventure:

  1. Traveling with intention, openness, and mindfulness
  2. Engaging in challenging physical and/or cultural experiences 
  3. Taking time for personal reflection & meaning-making